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Indoor Petting Zoo and Owner Under Fire for Gross Mistreatment of Animals in Tacoma, Washington

Reporter: Onegreenplanet

 Indoor Petting Zoo and Owner Under Fire for Gross Mistreatment of Animals in Tacoma, Washington

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The text highlights the disturbing events at Debbie Dolittle’s Indoor Petting Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, under former owner Donald Miller's management. PETA's investigation revealed neglect and mistreatment of animals, including deaths and instances of cruelty. Despite recommendations for charges, legal action has not been taken. The investigation uncovered various horrors, such as improper care of animals, deaths due to neglect, and suspicious incidents involving a camel and a tortoise. Miller's troubled history includes previous violations and associations with dubious animal exhibitors. Pressure from PETA led to the USDA revoking Miller's license in 2024. Calls for justice and accountability for animal cruelty are urgent as time runs out on potential charges due to statute of limitations expiring.

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