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Man run over by Tacoma police at street race convicted of felonies

Reporter: Knkx

 Man run over by Tacoma police at street race convicted of felonies

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Three years ago, a 25-year-old man was found guilty of obstruction, malicious mischief, and unlawful imprisonment after being run over by a Tacoma police officer's patrol car at a street racing event. Anthony Huff-McKay was accused of directing a crowd to surround police cars dispersing illegal street race spectators. His attorney argued he did not motivate anyone to block officers. The incident occurred amid tensions following the death of Manuel Ellis in police custody. Officer Khanh Phan briefly stopped his car amid the crowd, then accelerated forward, running over Huff-McKay and hitting others. Protesters gathered at the intersection after the incident, with some calling for Phan to be fired. Prosecutors declined to charge Phan, who retired before any disciplinary decision was made. Huff-McKay is awaiting sentencing next month and has a pending federal lawsuit against Phan and Tacoma alleging excessive force and negligence.

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