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Nick Carter hits back at “outrageous” sexual assault claims

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 Nick Carter hits back at “outrageous” sexual assault claims

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Nick Carter has denied sexual assault claims made against him in a new documentary, calling the accusations "outrageous" and stating that the women involved are spreading falsehoods. The Backstreet Boys singer is facing allegations from three women - Shannon Ruth, Melissa Schuman, and Ashley Repp - dating back to the early 2000s. Nick's legal team is actively contesting these claims through legal proceedings, asserting that they will prevail based on evidence. The accusers have filed lawsuits against Nick for rape and assault, with Nick countering with defamation suits. His lawyers have dismissed the accusations as ridiculous and meritless, emphasizing that they have been investigated and rejected previously. Nick is awaiting the presentation of evidence to reveal what he believes are malicious schemes against him.

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