Sep 08, 2023 at 21:14pm

Northwest engineering firm announces change

Reporter: Djcoregon

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Listen to this article Listen to this article Kirkland, Washington-based PACE Engineers has rebranded itself to represent its commitment to innovation, optimization and expertise. Penhallegon and Associates Consulting Engineers (PACE) was founded in 1992, and officially changed its name to PACE Engineers in 2005.

Over more than three decades, the firm has expanded through various acquisitions and strategic hires. The firm’s most recent acquisition was CES NW of Tacoma, Washington, in March; its team moved to PACE’s Lake Oswego office in April. PACE provides engineering and surveying solutions across a range of sectors.

Today, PACE describes itself as an interdisciplinary technical services firm embracing better ways to optimize potential in water, land, infrastructure, and facilities. With efficient processes and productive outcomes, PACE’s team of planners, surveyors and engineers create solutions from proven approaches, the firm stated in a press release. Previously, the firm branded itself as one more visual-based with logos and colors; the rebrand includes new messaging, values, positioning, logo and colors, PACE President Ken Nilsen stated in an email. “Our new brand reflects how we have grown and allows us flexibility for future growth,” he stated.

“We are a more robust company, and we needed a brand that encompasses this and is more usable for us to communicate who we are. Our rebrand distinguishes our company in the market better while still holding on to our values of optimization, responsiveness, stewardship and efficiency.”

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