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Pacific Coast Pastor Ashley Wilkerson: Bible translators changed Scripture to diminish women leaders

Reporter: Christianpost

 Pacific Coast Pastor Ashley Wilkerson: Bible translators changed Scripture to diminish women leaders

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Pastor Ashley Wilkerson of Pacific Coast Church in Tacoma, Washington, has faced criticism for suggesting that Bible translators altered Scripture to diminish the role of women as apostles, deacons, and pastors in the early church. She cited examples of women leaders in the Bible whose names may have been changed to downplay their roles. Pastor Carl A. Hargrove dismissed her claims as lacking evidence and having an unbiblical agenda. The debate over women's roles in ministry has a long history within Christianity, with different denominations holding varying views on women serving as pastors or priests. Wilkerson defended her position by emphasizing the importance of researching translations and highlighted historical evidence supporting women's leadership roles in the early church. Hargrove argued that terms like "apostle" need to be understood in context and defended his stance against Wilkerson's claims by stating he is upholding biblical teachings rather than being misogynistic. The Assemblies of God denomination supports women in leadership positions based on their interpretation of Scripture and affirms the gifts of both men and women for ministry.

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