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The Heavy Price of Next-Day Delivery

Reporter: Sierraclub

 The Heavy Price of Next-Day Delivery

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Residents of South Tacoma, Washington, are opposing the construction of large warehouses in their neighborhood. The warehouses, which are part of a nationwide trend to support online delivery services, would bring increased air pollution, traffic congestion, and heat to an already disadvantaged community. The site for the warehouses is located on a Superfund site, a natural wetland, and a city aquifer. Despite concerns from residents and calls for an environmental impact assessment, the City of Tacoma approved permits for the warehouses. The city argued that the area was already zoned for industry and that conditions were in place to address expected impacts. However, residents believe that the city's conditions do not adequately cover the extent of pollution and potential harm to the aquifer. The construction of the warehouses conflicts with residents' efforts to create a greener and more equitable neighborhood.

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