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The six bands who pioneered surf rock before The Beach Boys

Reporter: Faroutmagazine

 The six bands who pioneered surf rock before The Beach Boys

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The article discusses the true pioneers of surf rock before The Beach Boys popularized the genre. It highlights that surf rock was just one sub-genre of garage rock that had been emerging among teenagers in the early '60s. Several bands had already captured the sound of surf culture with fast-paced guitar tracks before The Beach Boys. Six bands are identified as fundamental to the creation of surf rock: 1. The Revels: Formed in the mid-1950s, they were among the first to turn San Luis Obispo into a center for garage rock and roll. 2. The (Fabulous) Wailers: Achieved a hit single with 'Tall Cool One' in 1959 and started the garage music movement in Tacoma, Washington. 3. The Ventures: Made a splash with their reimagining of 'Walk, Don’t Run' in 1960, influencing early surf rock elements. 4. The Marketts: Known for songs like 'Out of Limits', featuring session musicians including Hal Blaine. 5. Dick Dale and The Del-Tones: Guitarist Dick Dale epitomized surf rock's golden period with hits like 'Let’s Go Trippin’'. 6. The Sentinals: Cemented San Luis Obispo as a hub for surf rock with Latin-influenced tracks. These bands laid the foundation for surf rock, inspiring later musicians and contributing to its evolution before its decline by 1964 when California band The Pyramids achieved one of the last chart hits with 'Penetration'.

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