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Washington Supreme Court Declines To Hear Appeal In Cashmere Sexual Assault Case

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 Washington Supreme Court Declines To Hear Appeal In Cashmere Sexual Assault Case

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The Washington Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Chelan County regarding a sexual assault case. The county sought the appeal after the state Appeals Court ruled that Blake Alexander Badgley could not be retried for sexual assault due to double jeopardy. Previously, a jury in Chelan County was unable to reach a decision on a second-degree rape charge against Badgley. With the Supreme Court's refusal to take the case, Badgley is now cleared of all criminal charges. Chelan County argued that the appeals court decision conflicted with previous supreme court decisions on double jeopardy and raised questions about prosecutorial ethics. However, the Supreme Court did not find their argument persuasive and chose not to consider the case.

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