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‘Jeopardy! Masters’ Episode 5: Amy Schneider holding steady after topsy-turvy game

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 ‘Jeopardy! Masters’ Episode 5: Amy Schneider holding steady after topsy-turvy game

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The text discusses the ongoing "Jeopardy! Masters" competition where contestants compete for a $500,000 grand prize and the title. In a recent episode, Schneider faced off against Raut and Roach, with intense gameplay during the rounds. Schneider initially led but faced challenges in Double Jeopardy! as Roach surged ahead. The Final Jeopardy! question stumped all three contestants, leading to strategic wagers and surprising outcomes. The episode ended with Roach claiming victory, followed by Schneider and Raut. The leaderboard standings were highlighted at the end of the fifth episode, setting up anticipation for future matchups in the competition. Viewers can catch the next episode on ABC or Hulu to see Schneider's performance in a crucial Game 2 against Groce and Roach.

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