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8 best road trips in Washington State

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 8 best road trips in Washington State

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The text provides a guide to eight road trip routes across Washington State, each offering unique experiences and attractions: 1. San Juan Island Loop: A short but scenic drive around San Juan Island featuring wine tasting, history, and whale watching. 2. Cascade Loop: A 440-mile loop around the Cascades with natural highlights, themed towns like Leavenworth and Winthrop, and cultural stops. 3. Vineyards of Eastern Washington: A 140-mile drive through Yakima and Walla Walla valleys showcasing the region's winemaking destinations. 4. Chuckanut Drive: A coastal road trip from Bellingham to Burlington offering views of the Salish Sea and Larabee State Park. 5. Lewis & Clark Highway: Follows SR 14 along the Columbia River for 100 miles, highlighting historical sites like Beacon Rock and Columbia Hills Historical State Park. 6. Olympic Peninsula Loop: A four-day journey around the Olympic Peninsula with lush forests, Hurricane Ridge, Hoh Rain Forest, and Ruby Beach. 7. Coulee Corridor: Explores eastern Washington's geology along SR 17, passing Dry Falls and Grand Coulee Dam before ending in Omak. 8. Mt Rainier Paradise & Stevens Canyon Roads: Offers incredible mountain views on a 62-mile route through Mt Rainier National Park with stops at Reflection Lakes and Narada Falls.

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