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PeaceHealth announces 2024 Systemwide Mission and Values Award recipients

Reporter: Peacehealth

 PeaceHealth announces 2024 Systemwide Mission and Values Award recipients

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PeaceHealth recently announced its 2024 Mission and Values Award recipients, recognizing employees who embody Respect, Social Justice, Collaboration, and Stewardship. Five caregivers from Bellingham, Vancouver/Longview, and Springfield were honored. The recipients include Therese Horan (Overall Award), Colleen Storey (Respect Award), Malena Munroe (Collaboration Award), Kathy Mailloux (Social Justice Award), and Karman Vulcani (Stewardship Award). PeaceHealth is a non-profit Catholic health system serving communities in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska with a legacy of respect, stewardship, collaboration, and social justice.

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