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SPORTS: Vancouver Volcanoes to Compete for League’s PNW Division Title

Reporter: Lacamasmagazine

 SPORTS: Vancouver Volcanoes to Compete for League’s PNW Division Title

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The Vancouver Volcanoes, with a 16-4 record, are set to play the Seattle Superhawks in a best two out of three series to determine the winner of the Basketball League’s Pacific Northwest Division. The Volcanoes will host games two and three at home in Vancouver, Washington after playing the first game in Seattle. Having won 3 out of 4 regular-season matchups against the SuperHawks, the Volcanoes are aiming for their first playoff win since joining the league. Games will be held at Evergreen High School on Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 3 pm if necessary. Tickets can be purchased online to support Clark County's only professional basketball team in their playoff quest.

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