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Teens Arrested for ‘Kicking in Front Doors’ of Random Texas Homes in New TikTok Challenge

Reporter: Yahoo

 Teens Arrested for ‘Kicking in Front Doors’ of Random Texas Homes in New TikTok Challenge

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Three teenagers in North Texas are facing criminal charges for allegedly going on a TikTok-inspired spree of kicking in front doors and running away. The Cleburne Police Department responded to reports of houses having their front doors kicked in during the early hours of the morning. Three suspects, aged 15 to 17, were apprehended following a foot pursuit. Authorities believe more individuals may have been involved in the incidents. This trend has also been reported in Vancouver, Washington, with similar door-kicking incidents attributed to a TikTok challenge. The platform has been associated with other dangerous "games," such as the "blackout challenge," which has resulted in fatalities.

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