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UK-based payments provider HiFX goes on aggressive U.S., Canada push

Reporter: Yahoo

 UK-based payments provider HiFX goes on aggressive U.S., Canada push

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HiFX, a UK-based foreign currency provider owned by Euronet Worldwide, is aggressively expanding in the United States and Canada over the next two years following its acquisition by Euronet in 2014. The company aims to make the U.S. its largest revenue-generating market within three years. HiFX focuses on retail customers and small to medium-sized corporations, transacting over 400 currency pairs globally. Despite global economic concerns like declining oil prices and China's slowdown, HiFX's managing director for North America, Jeff Matheson, remains optimistic about the demand for foreign currency payments and money transfers in international business. The company plans to open offices in various cities including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver with Washington serving as its U.S. hub.

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