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Vigor begins low-rate initial production work on U.S. Army landing craft

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 Vigor begins low-rate initial production work on U.S. Army landing craft

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Vigor, a Titan Company, has started low-rate initial production (LRIP) on the Maneuver Support Vehicle (Light) (MSV(L)) for the U.S. Army at its Vancouver, Washington facility. This new generation landing craft replaces the LCM-8 and is part of a $1 billion contract. Over 180 skilled workers will be involved in the project for the next five years. The vessel offers advanced maneuverability and stability to support Army Mariners and their payload in challenging environments. Vigor completed the prototype in 2022 and is now moving into full production following successful sea trials in 2023. The company aims to deliver quality vessels while creating job opportunities in Vancouver.

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