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Saturday Everett Storm Updates

10:00 AM: The PUD outage map shows more than 129,000 still without power in Snohomish CountyThat’s from an overnight high of over 190,000Looks like just under 20,000 without power in Everett, Washington at this time.

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Crews will be working throughout the weekend to restore powerBurglars were also busy during the storm with multiple businesses reporting smashed store doors and windows.

One retail marijuana store also appears to have been hit by burglars. Took a drive around and here are some photos of damage I noticed.

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This is just a small portion of of the toll taken by the storm overnightClick photo to enlarge. Oh, and one plea.

Everett Town Founders

When the traffic lights are out at an intersection it becomes a 4-way stop.

There are some big intersections where this is the case in Everett right now so please watch out and be careful– LD


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