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The NW Has Some Of The Best Ski Racing Starter Programs In The Country.

NW kids skiing, Snoqualmie Team Aplental Snoqualmie
NW kids skiing, Snoqualmie Team Aplental Snoqualmie

The NW Has Some Of The Best Ski Racing Starter Programs In The Country.

Did you know that some of the best Ski racing starter programs in the country are right here in the Northwest? Snoqualmie Summit is just 60 mins outside of downtown Seattle, and for beginning skiers and racers, the Pass has some excellent programs.

I remember my mother telling me about being on Team TAS- Team Alpental Snoqualmie - back in the late 60’s. Not sure that was the exact name back then, but it was close. In the 80’s, I was on the TAS team and then went and skied in College in Colorad

We love the SnowFall!

Is It Finally Going To Snow?

Well, it looks like it's finally going to snow. 

We look forward to the snow every year. Aside from being beautiful and serene, the snowfall in the NW seems to put everything into a time freeze, where everything that was going on seems to stop fo

Teaching comes under scrutiny.

Parents Are Finding Out What Their Kids Are Being Taught -And...

Well, teachers should be worried. Now that most parents have had 3-4 months of sitting behind their kids watching them being taught by their teachers, the average teacher should be scared. 

We've talked to more parents that are taking their kid

Putting certain business out of Business

Democrat Jay Inslee's Being Outed For His Hatred Of The Resta...

The dark side of the Democrat's Covid19 strategy. 

It's not just an Inslee issue; it's a democrat issue that can be seen happening in all blue states. 

Restaurants that were starting to move forward are now going backwar

Netflix is our Home Entertainment

Top Home Entertainment - My Netflix Top 5

Well, here in the state of Washington, our entertainment venues are all still shut down. So we are relegated to staying at home and watching one of the many streaming services. I've been a Netflix member for what seems like forever now, maybe 15 years. Netflix'

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Getting out of Washington was Heaven

Traveling outside the state of Washington It is like getting out of the Devil's land.

So with Covid-19 spreading like the flu during the flu season, what are we supposed to do? I've been around people with COVID-19, and everyone seems to have a different perspective, but for the most part, all their sympto

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Kids learning from home

How well are your kids dealing with "At Home Learning"?

How well are your kids dealing with & quote At Home Learning & quote?

Some things we've learned so far on how to optimize at Home Learning.

How well are your kids adapting to learning f