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In  United States  , it's the residents who truly power our democracy. Our town boasts a dedicated elected Representative team, champions who represent our interests at every level, from the local town decisions to the grand stages of County, State, and Federal governance. The vital question is: How have these representatives benefited our town, and how have they transformed ideas into action? It's a fundamental aspect of our democratic process. Every member of our diverse community, regardless of age, holds the key to understanding how each representative fulfills their elected role. Democracy thrives when residents are engaged and informed. Our voices grow stronger, and our community flourishes when we have a clear grasp of how our representatives follow through on their commitments. Whether you're a seasoned member of our town or a newcomer, young or old, your involvement can supercharge our democracy. Let's empower ourselves with knowledge, strengthen our community, and actively participate in shaping the future of Granger. Together, we can ensure that our town's interests are not only heard but also translated into meaningful change.

The residents of  United States  have a Representitive team that they voted for to represent their interests at the Town, County, State and Federal levels. Rating each Representitives performance can provide insight to how well each Representitive is doing their job. Please see your Representitives and rate and comment each.


U.S. President

Joseph R. Biden

Phone: (202) 456-1111

U.S. Vice President

Kamala D. Harris

Phone: (202) 456-1111