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16 Delicious Restaurant Chains That Are Non-Existent in Massachusetts

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 16 Delicious Restaurant Chains That Are Non-Existent in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is a spectacular place to live. Residents and visitors alike enjoy vast and various landscapes from sandy Cape Cod beaches, to the iconic Boston skyline, and the hidden beauty of the Berkshire mountains. From historic landmarks, legendary sports teams, and an overall great quality of life, folks love living in the Bay State. A lesser-known fact about Massachusetts is that it's a foodie's dream.

From unique and exclusive Michelin-starred dining experiences to mom-and-pop roast beef shops, fresh seafood, and farm-to-table eateries, there is something for everyone's palette and budget in Massachusetts. In addition to a multitude of independently owned restaurants, Massachusetts of course has its chain restaurants as well.

In fact, many are unique to Massachusetts and New England. Take Dunkin' for example. The coffee and donut chain was founded in Massachusetts, and for decades could only be found in the northeast. In recent years the brand has expanded and now has thousands of locations in 44 states. But there are also a handful of chain restaurants you will never see in Massachusetts.

Some had locations in the Bay State that have since closed and some never had any locations in New England, but you might have gotten to try them out when you were traveling outside the area. Here are 16 Chain Restaurants that Don't Have Locations in Massachusetts Del Taco A&W Root Beer Krystal Burger Krispy Kreme In & Out Firehouse Subs Steak & Shake Jack in the Box Jack in the Box White Castle Big Boy Whataburger Blimpie Hardee's Carl's Jr. Sonic

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