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The San Mateo founder's page is dedicated to those people in the San Mateo area that initially made the San Mateo WikiXM news a reality. Without their initiative, foresight and social fortitude the San Mateo WikiXM news would not have happened. Like all those that have come before us, these founder saw what others couldn't - potential in a new way of doing an old medium - a new way of providing the news to the people around them. We want to thank these people by featuring them on the San Mateo founders page for life. There are many venues to get the news but WikiXM was initiated by your founders, for the people of San Mateo, to create the news they saw fit.

WikiXM - San Mateo, CA is the people's news source; for the people, by the people.

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More about Becoming a San Mateo Founder

You know your town better than we ever will so we're relying on you to help us get your town's News up and going.
To become a Founder, we need your particiation in the following activities:


Inviting friends, family, and everyone in your town that would be interested in participating in topics that are going on in your town every day.


Help us get Reporters signed up. This means inviting people in your town that want to initiate conversations that are important in your town. These people could be anyone from Highschool or University students interested in Journalism or currently writing in their school papers or anyone interested in creating topics that are relevant to the town you live in. Other article examples would be updates on local sporting, civic & group events, or any noteworthy local activities.


Your town local news activity; Any activity that helps get the word out or impacts the level of an article like ratings, commenting, and adding Contributions will all gain you points towards becoming a Founder.

Important Note:
Once you've started engaging in any of these activities, you will start receiving weekly updates until your first 90 expires. You have 90 days from the day of your signup to gain enough points to become a Founder of your town. Once you become a Founder of your town's local News, you are a Founder for Life! As a Founder, you will be featured on the Founders page and in other areas of the site.

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