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Coworkers Strike Rich At New York State’s ‘Luckiest’ Store

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 Coworkers Strike Rich At New York State’s ‘Luckiest’ Store

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The New York State Lottery just confirmed a group of coworkers won $2 million playing Powerball. The ticket was sold in the Hudson Valley. The winning ticket was sold in what's been recently called the "luckiest" store in New York State. $1 Million Powerball Winner Sold in Newburgh, Orange County Google Google loading... A second-prize ticket for the Nov.

5 Powerball drawing was sold in the Town of Newburgh. The winning ticket was sold at the Smokes 4 Less located at 59 North Plank Road. The winning numbers were 28 45 53 56 69 Powerball 20. The $2 million winning ticket matched all five numbers, but not the Powerball. For all the news that the Hudson Valley is sharing make sure to follow Hudson Valley Post on Facebook, download the Hudson Valley Post Mobile App and sign up for the Hudson Valley Post Newsletter. The ticket was worth $2 million because the coworkers played the Powerball Powerplay. Google Google loading... "When purchased, the Powerplay feature allows players to multiply a non-jackpot prize up to 10 times.

Powerplay may be added to any Powerball wager at the time of purchase for an additional $1 per wager," the New York State Lottery states. 9 Coworkers Win Big In Newburgh A group of nine coworkers purchased the $2 million winning ticket, according to the New York State Lottery. Powerball Jackpot Reaches A Record $1.9 Billion Getty Images loading... Each received their payment as a single lump sum after required withholdings. The winners include: David Nicotera of Utica who received $1,302,001 Jorge Nicasio Polanco of Brewster, MA who received $81,375 Ariel Morel Pena of Fort Lauderdale, FL who received $81,375 Leandro Toribio Fana of Fort Lauderdale, FL who received $81,375 Erick Suarez of Carolina, PR who won $81,375 Emannuel Peguero Vasquez of Acworthy, GA who won $81,375 Joan Spartan of Manhattan who won $76,530.50 Esther Rodriguez-Rodriguez of the Bronx who won $76,530.50 Carlos Ferreiras Luna of South Ozone Park who won $76,530.50 The New York State Lottery didn't announce the name of the business. Get Lucky When You Win Millions From These New York Scratch Off Tickets Nearly 50 Children Have Recently Gone Missing From New York State Close to 50 children from New York State and the Hudson Valley have recently gone missing.

You can help a New York family get reunited with a missing loved one. Resorts World Hudson Valley Opens Doors In Newburgh The grand opening for Resorts World Hudson Valley, located in the Newburgh Mall on Rt. 300 in Newburgh, took place on Wednesday December 28th at 10:00am.

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