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Top Home Entertainment - My Netflix Top 5

Reporter: JohnS Smith

 Top Home Entertainment  - My Netflix Top 5
 Top Home Entertainment  - My Netflix Top 5
The Flash

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  • Here in the state of Washington our entertainment venues are all still shut down.
  • Netflix's content has continued to improve to the point where it seems to be the primary source of TV Entertainment.
  • Cable's Cord is getting close to the chopping block.
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Well, here in the state of Washington, our entertainment venues are all still shut down. So we are relegated to staying at home and watching one of the many streaming services. I've been a Netflix member for what seems like forever now, maybe 15 years. Netflix's content has continued to improve to the point where, at least for us, it seems to be the primary source of TV entertainment now. We watch very little network TV, and I keep kicking myself monthly when I get the Directv bill for not have cut the cord yet. But the cords time is coming. Between Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and a few of the streaming services that provide News, there is no reason to be paying for Directv. 

Personally, I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I binge watch a series and then stop for a while. My kids tend to do the same, although they do watch Youtube - a lot. 

So here are my current picks on Netflix. A couple are Netflix originals, and the others are series Netflix picked up. We'll start with #5 first. 

My Top 5 Top Nextflix picks: 

#5   THE MAGICIANS - This is a cute series that we've watched and seems to stay on the top of the charts. This well-written series is about a group of magicians who enter Magic school to find out that the world as they knew it isn't so. It's a dark, engaging series geared towards late teens to early twenty-somethings dealing with relationship conflict and young adult life. It seems similar to the late Vampire shows with decent acting and effects. The storylines keep you watching. 

#4.  COBRA KAI - This show has been at #1 on Netflix for a while now. Personally, not a fan, but my wife loved watching it, and so did my kids. Obviously, a take-off of the original movie Karate Kid I thought was average but was very successful. I didn't know anything about the series until it was on Netflix. The series started on Youtube Red and didn't go anywhere until it was picked up by Nextflix, where it exploded. 

#3   DREAM HOUSE MAKEOVER - Personally, I like this show as another approach to a home remodeling show. It's based in Utah, in a beautiful suburb. The family is engaging, and the work they do is great. Some of the shows spend too much time on the family issues and not the remodeling, but I think the Producers think that's what attracts people. Some of the work they do is amazing and provides great insight for viewers. You get to see some amazing homes and the thought process behind some of the interior work. Not quite as entertaining as Selling Sunset, but well worth watching. 

#2.  ARROW - The ARROW, like the Flash, is definitely a boy's show. There are a few more female Heros, but they seem to die off sooner. The Arow is darker, more killing, and a little more violent then than most shows. My daughter didn't really like the series, but my boys loved it. The original storyline is well thought out and dark, and it makes for a series that you can get into and stay into for a while. Somewhere around Season 6-7, things start to change and get a little weird. With roughly 23 episodes per series, you'll have a ways to go until you might start to think the series has gone awry. It is entertaining for a family/kids show with visual and special effects not normally seen and enticing storylines. 

#1   THE FLASH - Well, this show was made for boys. Except for the lack of killing, which the Flash seems to think makes him different than the other Superheros, the Flash covers all the bases; Every show has a villain that must be taken down. It's usually a death-defying task, and there are lots of twisted plots, some of which last for multiple episodes and a couple that has lasted for entire seasons. The Flash always comes out on top, even when he has to adjust his moral compass occasionally. Lastly, the Flash has next-level special effects, which are usually only shown in movies, but virtually every episode has something spectacular. So far, the show has had 6 series, with all of them being entertaining. After seeing the previews for the next series, I'm a little skeptical on how well series 7 will go, but we'll see. The Flash is an entertaining show for the entire family, and most kids will love it. 

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