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‘You might wanna look up if you might be getting laid off’: Woman shares database you can check

Recession anxiety and layoff anxiety are real in 2023, and a TikToker has taken to the platform to show that companies might indicate online when they’re about to do layoffs.

The video comes from Seattle-based creator Emma, who generated more than 589,000 views as of Saturday for her information about the Department of Labor’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act — and how you can use it to tell if your company’s about to lay people off.

“So, we’re definitely about to go into a recession ... Read more

I’m going back to Issaquah, where sadness makes sense

Author’s note: This piece and its title are inspired by a poem by Danez Smith.

My first thought when I return home from Stanford is that the world here is cast in a whole different color palette: mottled greens and earthy browns, muted ... Read more

Housing costs, homelessness among top issues in WA, survey s

Statewide, a majority of respondents to Department of Commerce survey agree that rent prices are too high and it costs too much to buy a home.

A survey recently released by the Washington State Department of Commerce shows that majority ... Read more

Parents are not OK after three years of Covid and a brutal w

Parents are not OK after three years of Covid and a brutal winter of children's respiratory illness

Courtesy Mahbubur Rahman

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

(CNN) -- With children back in school and daycare after th ... Read more

JoAnn Fabrics Preparing to Move Vestal Store to Larger Site

A Vestal retailer specializing in crafting, sewing and home decorating items will be moving out of the location it has occupied for decades.

The JoAnn Fabrics store is expected to move from its current site at 736 Vestal Parkway East. The business will relocate to what now is a vacant space in the Parkway Plaza, about two miles east of the present operation.

Plans for the move have been in the works for several months The store will relocate to a spot that had long been occupied by Bed Bath & Beyond. That national chai ... Read more

New Family Entertainment Center Opens In Issaquah

The new facility opened last month and extends the existing Arena Sports facility to include an arcade, laser tag, sports simulators, escape rooms, and a restaurant. The new center spans two floors, featuring over 100 arcade games, three escape rooms ... Read more

Effort begins to lower the legal limit for driving drunk

Washington could join Utah with toughest standard in the nation. Change concerns wine and hospitality industries.

OLYMPIA — Lawmakers set out Jan. 16 to lower the legal limit for driving drunk in Washington.

The move comes ... Read more

Big Drug Bust Takes Pounds Off Yakima City Streets

A big drug bust in Yakima, one of the largest in the county was made in December. Members of the federal task force called Safe Streets on December 28 of last year seized more than 120,000 fentanyl-laced pills 42 pounds of methamphetamine, a gun and ... Read more