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Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?

Reporter: JohnS Smith

 Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?
 Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?

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  • Following the advice of the Media & Politicians or making up your own mind?
  • Most people seem to be making up their own minds on what to do.
  • The Media and Politicians seem to be dramatically out of touch with the People.
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We're almost to the end of 2020, and it's been interesting, to say the least. Politicians have told us what to do, where to go, how to save ourselves, which businesses can be open, which ones can't... It's been a year of Government crackdown of the likes not seen, maybe ever in our country. Now, if you live in a heavily Democratic state, you're being told "No Christmas!" like anyone but those still sitting in their homes since the beginning were going to listen to. Interestingly, these same people, i.e., the media and politicians, keep pushing the narrative to stay home, or you'll die of Covid, yet 99.996% of the population has been just fine. The average person has roughly 4 times higher probability of dying of cancer this year than he/she does of dying of Covid, but facts aside...

So, here's the question, which camp are you in? Are you staying home, not having Christmas because you're scared of dying of Covid? Or are you carrying on like it's just another year of dealing with crazy people and having your regular Holiday schedule? 

You can probably guess which camp we are in. Like most, we haven't changed anything this year. Did Halloween, went skiing over thanksgiving, and are now full tilt into Christmas. Based on the store sales, it looks like most are in the same boat. I was at Homedepot last week and noticed that they had sold out of almost all of their Christmas items the first week into December. I asked the clerk what happened to all their Christmas items and He said, "It was the busiest year ever for Christmas. Everyone seemed by going all out with home decorations."

Apparently, the media and politicians didn't get to the masses. The masses had their own ideas for what they'd be doing for the holidays. Traveling seems to be down but local travel will probably be through the roof. 

What's interesting about how this has turned out is that people actually have minds of their own. The media has this perception that it can dictate to the people how to think and what to do. The Politicians seem to have a similar thought process. The reality is that the people decide on their own how to behave and what they will or won't do. Now, there are definitely some people who do what the media tells them to do, ie stay in their homes and don't go out - we all know some that have barely left their homes still. But most people use their own basic common sense. 

So why is it that the media/politicians perceive themselves to be smarter than the average person? Good question. I really don't have an answer but they've made it clear they think they are smarter than you. The irony is that the whole situation is a "do as I say not as I do" scenario. It's impossible for these people who are preaching to the rest of us to actually do what they say. There isn't a politician out there that wears his/her mask as often as they preach or not gone to parties or gatherings like they tell others not to. They all do the same things as the rest of us. 

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