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What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

Reporter: JohnS Smith

 What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?
 What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?
 What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

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  • Seattle and the state of WA are in a downward spiral due to the people we've elected.
  • We are told that our kids can’t go back to school because it's too dangerous yet many other states are back.
  • Masks don't prevent the spread of Covid; masks mute it. Covid is still spreading regardless.
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What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle? It’s mid-November 2020, and the state of WA and the city of Seattle are in a downward spiral. The national media sees our state as a joke, an example of what not to do. So, who’s to blame for where we are at? The first question should be, who’s made the decisions that have brought us here? It should be clear at this point that it's our politicians. Our politicians have been making decisions contrary to the public good now for almost 2 decades. In the Mid 90s, the Seattle area was seen as the cleanest city in America. Seattle was called the Emerald City for a reason - Seattle was clean. You could go to any other city in the country, and you’d think how dirty it was and why wasn't it as clean as Seattle? What has happened over a 20 yr period that has driven out big employers like Boeing, turned the city of Seattle into a trash pit where the homeless worldwide migrate to? Where the legalization of injection sites has become commonplace, where we elect Socialists to the City Council, where we are attacking the very hands that feed us? Who’s at fault? We are - the voters. We elect people that have never had a real job - a private-sector job. They get paid weekly from the government; they don't have a clue what it's like when your employer has no money left in their accounts to pay you because of the decisions these politicians have made. These politicians think that the Government has all the answers when the only real answers come from those that produce, not those that feed off the producers - parasites. Another backward thinking cloud on the current overhang is Covid-19. Last March, the government told us that if we all wore masks, Covid would go away, and we would live. Yet we all wore masks, and apparently, Covid is spreading like wildfire still. Maybe the mask only prevents 15% less spread than without, like the CDC has said many times. Masks don't prevent the spread of Covid; masks mute it. If you have Covid-19, symptoms or not, and drive to Costco in your car. You put on your mask walking into the store, go to the produce section, and touch 10 different pieces of product or anything for that matter. Then the next 100 people come by and touch that same item, and touch another 10 items, within 30 mins there is covid on 50% of what is in the store. Now those same people leave Costco and go to another store and do the same thing. Within one day, the original person with Covid has inadvertently spread it through the entire community - exactly as the flu spreads. Everyone wore masks. Masks don’t prevent the spread of Covid; they mute it. The media has pushed that average person into thinking Covid-19 is killing everyone and that you can inadvertently kill others by spreading it. Reality check - Covid-19 is about 1.5 times more severe than the common flu. 1.5 out of 100 that get it die. 90% of the deaths are over 75yrs old. If you are under 65 yrs old and healthy, the probability that you’re going to die of Covid is almost 0. Many activities have higher rates of death - many. Now we’re being told that we can’t celebrate the Holidays due to Covid. We can only have 5 people at the table, if more, then a 3-day covid test but not more than 10. If more than 10, it has to be outside and no signing, yelling, or chanting, but everyone has to be of the same bloodline or it's prohibited. Yet, if you’re protesting, looting, or burning your town down, neither the 48 or 72 hr covid tests apply, and neither does the bloodline issues. Covid apparently has no impact on protestors, looters, or people committing acts of violence on others because these same politicians continue to promote these activities. We’re told that all the hospitals are filling up and that they can't take all the covid cases - in reality - 99% of the hospitals are empty and going into financial chaos because of the lack of patients. We are told that our kids can’t go back to school because it's too dangerous, yet many states have sent their kids back to school - many, and no one has died. No media coverage on this issue… Until one teacher dies and then no more school. Yet how many teachers have died during the same time frame of cancer, alcoholism, spousal abuse, crossing the street, and getting hit by a bus… many! All of these activities are all preventable. Shut down all the roads, make alcohol illegal, get rid of buses… We used to think about how absurd these thoughts used to be. Today, the absurd is now a reality. We keep electing people that most of us wouldn't hire to run a popsicle stand. We got based on the people we are electing. It's our fault.

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