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Have you gone to the Snoqualmie Summit Tubing Park yet?

Reporter: Rebecca Smith

 Have you gone to the Snoqualmie Summit Tubing Park yet?
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Two weekends ago, we drove up to the Snoqualmie Pass Tubing Park looking to get out and do something fun for the day. If you haven't been, and from the sounds of it, many people don't seem to know about it, the Snoqualmie tubing park is a great place to take the kids and family. It's in a hidden spot, if you've gone to Snoqualmie West or Central, you may have driven right by it. If you get off the exit for Central and drive by the Central main parking lot, it's the next entrance afterward to the east. The Snoqualmie Tubing Park is hidden between Snoqualmie Central and the I-90 freeway. 

It's larger than most tubing parks we've been to before. You can park and walk-up. The 20 tube lanes are well maintained and you can do as many runs as you'd like. Tickets are $35 for adults, $10 for season pass holders and $12 for kids under 6yrs old. The park is open as long as the Ski hill is open. 

We stayed for a couple of hours and the kids had a blast.

If you've been there, contribute to this article or just comment. 


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