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This Summer is full of kids activities

Reporter: JohnS Smith

 This Summer is full of kids activities
 This Summer is full of kids activities
 This Summer is full of kids activities
 This Summer is full of kids activities

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  • Mt. Hood Ski Racing Camps for kids and Adults
  • Great Outdoor Activities from Skiing, Mt Biking to rafting and Golf
  • All Year Round activities for the entire family
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My kid's ski team - TAS, went on their annual Summer camp to Mt. Hood this year. It’s started as an experiment to see how much their skills could be improved but has turned into an annual event. 

This year, as we’ve all seen, has been hot! Last year, it was wet, cold, and cloudy the entire week they had camp. This year, the first day was almost 80 degrees, and it seems to be only warming. 

Fortunately, the kids don’t seem to care either way. They get to get out onto the Mt with their friends and practice running gates all day long. After skiing on Mt., they take a break and then to Dry training. By the end of the day, they are wiped out! 

Mt Hood is a great area with all sorts of activities: from skiing to hiking to Mt biking, going to the rivers & lakes to Government Camp. Government Camp is a kid's super playground where it's been turned into an almost theme park without the games. They have bungee jumping to gocart racing, and even a toboggan course. The restaurants and hotels are also plentiful in the area. 

If you're looking for a great weekend or short week trip, Mt Hood is a great place to go.


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