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2 Year Ago

Any 22/23 Winter Weather predictions?

Reporter: JohnS Smith

Issaquah 22/23 snowfall

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key pointsKey Points
  • La Nina Predicted again for Winter 22/23
  • Potential for more Snowfall in the lowlands
  • Better to prepare and be wrong than not prepare and be right!
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Based on a couple of the significant weather predictors, ie, Nationa Weather Service and the Farmers Almanac, this 2022/23 Winter will be our third La Nina winter in a row. What does that mean for the Pacific North West? Overall? The colder Pacific Ocean water hitting our Western shores i.e., the state of Washington will help drive potentially cooler weather this Winter. 

How much cooler? They say normal weather with bouts of colder spells. Does it mean more lowland snow? Weather predicting hasn't gotten to the point where it can make these sorts of predictions, but... there is a higher possibility that snow will fall with all of our average precipitation in the winter. Similar to last year and three years ago, when we received a 12" and 18" snowstorm on the East side of King County, it was the perfect timing for cold air and precipitation. Those two variables must come together to get this type of snowfall regardless of the trends.

So my prediction? We've had more snow in the last ten years than we ever did when I was growing up here, so here it is:

Slow start to Winter with the potential of snowfall if the timing is right. Snow in the mountains will run later than normal. 

We love the snow, so hopefully, we get a lot of it! 

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Issaquah, WA

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