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King County encourages folks to recycle their old holiday lights

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 King County encourages folks to recycle their old holiday lights

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The county has compiled a list of retailers and organizations that will recycle old light strands. Following the holiday season, a handful of retailers and other organizations in King County are accepting old holiday light strands that are broken or being updated and sending them to processors that recycle the copper wire inside them. The King County Solid Waste Division has compiled a list of the retailers and organizations collecting the recyclable light strands here: – Christmas-Light-Source.com – A send-in recycling program (sender pays shipping). – HolidayLEDs.com – A send-in recycling program (sender pays shipping). – Maple Leaf Ace Hardware – In North Seattle. – McLendon Hardware – Includes all seven Puget Sound area locations. – Uptekk recycling drop-off center in Auburn. – West Seattle Recycling drop-off center. These programs are generally free unless otherwise noted in the listing. According to the King County Solid Waste Division, it’s best to call the drop-off programs first to confirm they are taking the lights, get more specific location information if needed, confirm the hours, and see if they have any restrictions. The county says most holiday lights recycling programs want you to remove large glass bulbs – with the smaller bulbs are okay – from light strands, and remove any excessive plastic attachments from the light strands, since that glass and plastic is not recyclable.

Those materials can be thrown away at home. Other businesses and organizations may also offer holiday lights recycling programs. The King County Solid Waste Division’s list will be updated as new programs are announced. That list and more information on the programs can be found here.

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