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Police say teens hurt in Issaquah racing crash

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 Police say teens hurt in Issaquah racing crash

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A car crash in Issaquah left one teenager with life-threatening injuries around midnight Monday, according to the Washington State Patrol (WSP). That teen was taken to Harborview Medical Center. Two others were hurt seriously after being ejected from a car. “The two that were ejected were not wearing seatbelts,” WSP Trooper Rick Johnson told KIRO Newsradio. WSP believes two cars were racing, ran a stop light, and one of the cars hit a third car.

One of the cars racing fled the scene. “The driver of the car that left will probably get charged with a minimum of hit-and-run,” Johnson said. Authorities are looking for the driver of that car. WSP reported the car is a black Mercedes. “It is a tragedy for anyone to be injured like this. Speed and not wearing seat belts were key factors in the accident,” Johnson stated. The crash happened at Highlands Drive Northeast and Northeast Discovery Drive around midnight Monday. Eastside Fire & Rescue were the first to respond and treated the injured at the scene. EF&R units are on scene of a serious injury, two vehicle collision on Highlands Drive NE & NE Discovery Drive.

One transported to Harborview with life threatening injuries. Two additional patients were transported to local hospitals with serious injuries. pic.twitter.com/l3FBFa1xdM — Eastside Fire & Rescue (@EastsideFire) November 1, 2022 According to the Issaquah Reporter, the city has been putting added emphasis on preventing street racing for the past two years. In a statement, Issaquah Police said, “Street racing is not only illegal but extremely unsafe.

Drivers and spectators are often injured because of reckless driving. Please help keep our community safe – street racing is not worth the risk.”

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