Vegas is up and going!

Reporter: JohnS Smith

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  • The plane was packed to Vegas and on the way back.
  • The strip had its Usual street crowds and the Restaurants were full.
  • The two shows we went to were both full.
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Well for those of you that still haven’t ventured out due to the Pandemic, Most things have started to get back to normal. 

With school starting, we decided to take a quick vacation trip to Vegas. Although things looked open in Vegas, we were still wondering about the shows and restaurants and if Vegas would actually be open enough to feel like Vegas.

Looking back, the plane ride down pretty much said it all - it was packed. When we got to the Vegas airport and made our way to the Uber pick-up area, it became apparent that we were all in the same boat. The lines were long and it took almost 30 mins for our Uber to get to our pickup spot. 

When we got to the hotel, we were staying at Mandalay Bay, the check-in was now being done via phone so that expedited the check-in process quickly. We went straight to our room after checking in on the app and used the app as a room key also. The app was still a work in progress, you need it in the elevators but the wifi strength wasn't very strong and as the elevator rose the wifi signal disappeared. It was strange that the hotel hadn't fixed the issue because everyone was having the same problem. 


To Summarize, Chris Angel said it all - We’re Back! 

After settling in, we had dinner scheduled at the La "" Steak house and then were going to see Cris Angel. The La "" Steak house is right in front of the Paris Hotel facing the Lake at the Bellaggio. Sitting outside while the sun goes down, having dinner, and watching the Water show has become one of our favorite experiences in Vegas. After dinner, it was over to see Cris Angel. If you've seen many magicians or not seen any, the Cris Angel show will ruin all the others forever. It is a Rock pounding, theatrical experience that is awesome. The magic is mind-blowing also. 

By the end of the night, we were exhausted.

The next morning we got up fairly early for vegas time and Ubered over to the Bellagio to have breakfast at their famous buffet. As was everything else, it was packed, so we decided to go to the breakfast deli which has fantastic food. We spent some time walking through the gardens at the Bellagio and then went back to Mandalay Bay. After getting ready, we went to the beach at Mandalay Bay which, had a great wave pool and other attractions. The biggest issue I had with the Beach was everything was so expensive. Water was $10, Beer was $15, food was $30. Suntan lotion was $40. An umbrella with 2 chairs started at $150 and it was over 100 degrees. And it was packed! 

So as Cris Angel said at the end of the show - "We're back!" 

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