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Welcome to the big show, Dori

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 Welcome to the big show, Dori

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Right on


From cartoonist Frank Shiers: You probably know that I worked at KIRO Radio for 17 years with Dori, among others. His conservative-leaning opinions were certainly controversial in deeply blue Seattle. But, his ratings were off the chart. He was literally the most listened to talk show host in the state.

No one was even close. Dori was also a wonderful person. He treated his colleagues with love and respect. Inside the halls of KIRO Radio, he had tons of friends. He mentored lots of people and was famous for his encouragement. And his love for his wife, Suzanne and his three daughters was legendary. I believe Dori’s death will have a profound impact on tens of thousands of people across our region, including his many, many listeners and public officials. So, I drew the cartoon to honor him.

FYI, he always started his program by saying, “Welcome. Welcome to the big show.”

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