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Here comes Winter! Are you ready?

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  • Do you prefer chains or studs when required on the Passes?
  • What do you do to get ready for Winter 2022?

The Summit at Snoqualmie finally opened in the last week. Had to take the kids up to their ski team activities. It was a typical early winter set of storms, wet, slush mixed with ice. On the 3rd trip, the temperature finally dipped and the snow really hit. 10” of snow yesterday.  

The drives up to the Summit were interesting. Having driven up in these conditions for most of my life, and haven been a professional driver in the Midwest, I would consider myself experienced in driving on snow and ice. There are many people who aren’t. I’m not sure what exactly is the right way to deal with people that are extremely lacking in winter driving but forcing them to put on chains is an utter train wreck waiting to happen. 

Where did this mandate come from and why is the state forcing people that shouldn’t be driving on the winter passes? If the following day is any indication, chains strewn from one end of hte pass to the other is evidence that a lot of these people shouldn’t be putting on chains. There were also plenty of cars on the side of the road stuck from mechanical problems, probably from chains stuck in the axels. 

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AWD is optimal if you have that type of car. If not, the safest way to travel on the winter passes is with studs at least on the front end. Chains are a last option and should only be used by people that know how to use them. There should be some sort of class that people need to take before they are able to put chains on. 

Just a couple of thoughts... What are yours?

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