Jan 18, 2021 at 19:12pm

Traveling outside the state of Washington It is like getting out of the Devil's land.

Key Points
  • But if you listen to the media, it all seems like death and full hospitals.
  • Well, when we got to our place outside of Bozeman, reality was a bit different.
  • The further towards the center of the country, the less afraid you are of Covid-19. 

So with Covid-19 spreading like the flu during the flu season, what are we supposed to do? I've been around people with COVID-19, and everyone seems to have a different perspective, but for the most part, all their symptoms seem to resemble the flu. It lasted about the same time frame; symptoms were similar except for the lack of taste. But if you listen to the media, it all seems like death and full hospitals. So we traveled to Montana, where the Media was jumping all over for supposedly not taking Covid-19 seriously enough. The National Media made it sound like all the hospitals were full of people, and people were getting sick everywhere.

Well, when we got to our place outside of Bozeman, the reality was a bit different. Some people were wearing masks; some weren't. No one was talking about it. Most of the Restaurants and markets had signed up. But there was no fear in the air; the hospitals weren't full. In fact, after having talked to a few people, we found out that most of the hospitals were empty and in bad financial shape. People were going about their daily business. We talked to a few more people and asked how many people they knew were still hiding in their homes for fear of getting Covid-19, and no one knew of any. To be honest, I was surprised. I have multiple neighbors still burrowed into their homes that have barely left since last March for fear of getting COVID-19.

So, here's the issue as I see it. Depending on where you live, the media has scared the life out of certain population centers around the country. It seems like if you're on the coasts, the media has scared many people beyond reason. The further towards the center of the country, the less afraid you are of Covid-19. 

So is this a Media driven frenzy? It sure seems like it. The denser the population, the less common sense people use, and the more people give the Media validity. My dad always told me to be highly skeptical of the news stories because the News only makes money when people are watching, so the more sensational the media can make a story, the more viewers will watch. Interestingly, he also said it all comes back to ad sales and, therefore, what the advertisers want because they write the checks. 

Form your own opinion but get the facts first, and don't think that Facebook will get the facts for you. 


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Rebecca Smith Feb 12, 2021 00:11am

Went to Florida and it was like Heaven! Then we had to go Home...

We had a very similar experience when we went to Florida. It was like going to heaven after being in the state of Washington since all of the lockdown and Covid issues began. You would have thought we'd gone to a different country; that was how different it was. After the first couple of days in Florida, I started asking myself why it was so different? Why was Washington state so much more uptight than Florida. There were the same issues, Covid was big in Florida, but people weren't losing their minds over it like in Washington state. Florida had many of the same rules, but a much smaller percentage of the population followed the rules. We went to a couple of the large resorts where you had to follow the rules fairly strictly. The restaurants were fairly busy, and many people were are the amusement parks. The hotels were full, and the one we stayed at had a lot of activity going on at the pools and elsewhere.

So, I'm not sure why the differences were so dramatic. People in Florida just didn't let it affect them the same way as people in Washington state were reacting to the lockdown. It was more than a vacation; it was like being in Heaven. Then we had to home...

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Chitralekha Reporter Feb 13, 2021 at 14:35pm