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Get Excited, Maine: We’re Getting Our First Professional Soccer Team

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 Get Excited, Maine: We’re Getting Our First Professional Soccer Team

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Right on


Thanks to Ted Lasso, more people want to watch soccer. Portland will soon have a United Soccer League League 1 team. According to WMTW, they will play at Fitzpatrick Stadium. It's a huge boost for Maine to be associated with the world's most popular sport. USL League One USL League One loading... Having a soccer league in Maine means that teams from across the country will be visiting Maine.

That's a win-win from an entertainment and economic standpoint. Maine could make $10 million in tax revenue, as well as dozens of permanent jobs. Governor Janet Mills is happy with the win for Maine. I am tremendously excited to welcome the United Soccer League to Maine. I congratulate the United Soccer League, USL to Portland, the City of Portland, and all who made this exciting announcement possible, and I look forward to attending games in the future. USL thinks Portland is perfect for a soccer team, and they think it could be one of their most successful cities.

This is the 5th season of the USL League 1. They have big plans to grow in the next five years, and Portland is part of those plans. USL League One Facebook USL League One Facebook loading... The team will play at Fitzpatrick Stadium, and part of the deal is they will give money to upgrades. But you're gonna have to wait to see any soccer ball hit until 2025.

Even though games won't happen until 2025, there will be an event for supporters on September 24 at the Portland Zoo. No, we don't have a zoo in Portland. It's a bar.

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