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Rev. Patton Heeds A New Call

Reporter: 06880danwoog

 Rev. Patton Heeds A New Call

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Rev. Alison Patton — the Saugatuck Congregational Church pastor, and an outspoken advocate for social justice throughout the broader Westport community — will leave her pulpit this summer. After more than a decade leading the historic downtown church, she has accepted a call to serve as the senior pastor of First Congregational Church, UCC in South Portland, Maine. Her final worship service here will be July 30. Rev.

Patton came to Westport from First Church Simsbury in 2012. The congregation was reeling from a pre-Thanksgiving fire. Only a fire wall had saved the nearly 200-year-old building — the place where Westport was established as a town, in 1835 — from complete destruction. For 2 years she was a pastor without a building.

But she accepted that challenge — and many others — with grace, grit, and great good humor. Though Rev. Patton was the first female senior minister in the long history of Saugatuck Church,, she seldom thought about it. Her mother and godmother were ministers. So were other women in her life — and her father.

“I’m just very used to it,” she told “06880” as she settled in. (For that April 2012 story on Rev. Patton’s arrival, click here.) In a letter to church members and friends yesterday, Rev. Patton said: “While I am excited about the life that awaits me and my family in Maine, this departure comes with an obvious mix of emotions: I will miss you. “You and I have shared a rich and dynamic 11 years of ministry.

We have been displaced by fire and pandemic, but never stopped worshiping or living out our mission to ‘love and serve God and neighbor.’ “With creativity and compassion, we have navigated the challenges. We have opened our doors to the wider community whenever possible. We have nurtured an all-ages culture enriched by the gifts and contributions of the young people in our midst.

We have made bold public statements in pursuit of love and justice in and beyond Westport. We have played and prayed together, walked the labyrinth, gone on soul-feeding retreats, and gathered around countless tables. “Throughout these 11 years, I have felt God’s Spirit at work among us, nudging, stretching, and cheering us on.

I trust that God will continue to guide and enliven this Saugatuck community. There is so much ministry still waiting to unfold among you. Individually and collectively, you have gifts that this world needs….May God bless our goodbyes and our unfolding ministries.” During Black Lives Matter protests, a large banner hung on the front of Saugatuck Church. Asked if she had a message for the town, Rev.

Patton told “06880”: I have so appreciated being part of the Westport community. I am grateful for a fantastic and dedicated group of clergy colleagues, and for the many organizations and people with whom I and Saugatuck Church have cooperated over the years. Our interfaith connections and the many inter-organizational collaborations are two of Westport’s strengths.

It’s been a privilege to have been a part of so many rich conversations, deep learnings and meaningful actions. Thank you, Westport! Saugatuck Church moderator Bruce Borner and vice moderator Nancy Wargo said: “Alison, in her 11 years of service, has been there for our church literally through fire and disease.

Her focus on equality in every sense has inspired us as members and human beings to rise above our embedded prejudices and make a difference, by example and through action. She’s served us with love, compassion and dedication.” A search for a new pastor begins soon. In the meantime, plans are underway for a congregation-wide celebration of Rev.

Patton’s new call, and her time at Saugatuck. (God works in mysterious ways: Rev. Patton will be welcomed by some ex-Westport faces at her new Maine church. One is former resident Tim Honey. His wife chaired the search committee that called her to South Portland.) (In November of 2021, I chatted with Rev.

Patton for my “06880” podcast. Click below to see.) Share this: Email Facebook Twitter Print LinkedIn Reddit Tumblr

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