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Stories you might’ve missed, May 8

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 Stories you might’ve missed, May 8

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Man who lives in Good Class Bungalow says people can only tell he’s wealthy from his property and academic background, “Otherwise we tend to be surprisingly plebian” SINGAPORE: A man who considers himself part of the “old-money” wealthy took to social media to explain that the truly rich don’t flaunt their assets. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said his grandparents were landowners in Selangor, but his father sold everything there and moved to Singapore when they died.

His father then invested in commercial buildings, mostly around Robertson Quay. “My mom and dad are Ivy League educated (Columbia) and my sister and I also went to Columbia (undergrad and grad school). I worked for McKinsey in New York for 3 years, earned an MBA, and I now run the family business,” the man wrote.

He explained that he and his family have never spent more than $1000 on a meal and said that growing up, they ate at hawker centres all the time. Read more here Maid says her employer did not give her 1 month’s notice or pay, took her to the airport and sent her back, did not even allow her to talk to immigration officers SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper who was abruptly sent back home without proper notice took to social media, saying she was not even paid. In an anonymous post to a Facebook support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid wrote that her employers released her the night before.

She said they bought her a flight ticket back home and did not give her the proper month’s notice or pay her for that month. Read more here “Good location. Price should be higher” — Singaporeans respond to new HDB project in Sin Ming after 30 years SINGAPORE: The new HDB project at Sin Ming has created a stir.

While many are talking about the cost of public housing in Singapore, a handful have taken the “good location” as a sign that the prices will be higher. An HDB project of over 900 flats has been launched at Sin Ming in the Upper Thompson area. It will be the first HDB project at Sin Ming in over 30 years. Read more here 3 weeks jail for young man who masturbated while watching ballet students practice at dance studio SINGAPORE: A young man was sentenced to three weeks in prison this week after he was caught masturbating while watching girls practice ballet at a local dance school. 27-year-old Cavell Chua Ke Qin pleaded guilty to one charge of committing an indecent act in public.

He also had two other similar charges taken into consideration in sentencing. Read more here ‘Poor old uncle just trying to make a living’ say netizens after a 62-year-old hawker was fined $27K for selling chestnuts without licence SINGAPORE: Netizens are not having it after finding out that a 62-year-old street hawker was fined S$27,600 for selling chestnuts without a licence.

Many did not see the point in charging the old man with such a fine considering “(he) just wants a living.” Given this, many took to the comments section offering alternatives. According to a recent news report, street hawker Tan Hee Meng was given a S$27,600 fine on Wednesday (May 3) for selling chestnuts without a licence.

According to the report, Mr Tan committed 19 counts of selling food around Singapore without a permit within the period of May 2019 to March 2023. Read more here The post Stories you might’ve missed, May 8 appeared first on The Independent Singapore News – Latest Breaking News FOLLOW us ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article here

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