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3 Year Ago

Kids need to go back to school

Reporter: JohnS Smith

 Kids need to go back to school

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  • Local Politicians are out of Control, they don't know anymore that you and I....!
  • Reality is people are dying daily of covid 19, the flu, cancer, car wrecks and walking across the street
  • Time to move forward. If you're in a high risk category, wear a mask...........!
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Our kids need to go back to school. Unless you're listening to the media propaganda machine that continues to push that covid 19 is killing everyone. Foretunealty the numbers don't support the push. Almost daily, states are retracting their Covid numbers and giving excuses for dramatically over counting the deaths related to covid 19.

Not to sound out of bounds, people are dying of Covid 19, but people are also dying of the basic flu, car wrecks, cancer, and all the usual causes of death. Out of 345 million people in the US, roughly 2 million people have gotten Covid 19 or .0058% of the entire population. Out of that number, roughly 150,000 have actually died. About the same number on a bad flu year. 80% of those that have died fit the 60 yr old and older category that already had respiratory or similar issues. Yet we've turned the country upside down, ruined the economy, but millions of people out of work, spent trillions on public support, and throw our daily life out the window.

Is this really what the response should have been? We have local governments turning into dictatorships and telling the people how to eat, play golf, interact with each other, etc. None of these people have any more experience than you or I. Were all seeing the same numbers daily. So why are the local measure so dramatically different? Why are some areas so at ease with giving up daily freedoms? These same local political officials have thrown personal responsibility out the window and now tell us it's everyone's responsibility to take care of everyone else... Since when? It's your responsibility to take care of yourself. Somehow it's become your fault if someone else gets it around you? Since anyone could be a carrier and not know it, what will happen this coming flu season? Is it going to be everyone's responsibility not to spread the flu? Impossible.

Oh, and now we're all waiting with bated breath on a vaccine. Since when has a vaccine ever cured everyone? Never. Let's look at the vaccine for the flu. Thank god for that vaccine because that cured every one of the flu, right? Wrong! Anywhere from 50,000 - 150,000 people die in the country of the common flu with the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine has been out for decades, yearly fine-tuned for new strands, and still, thousands of people die annually. The reality is it doesn't matter if there is or isn't a vaccine shortly, people are still going to die of Covid 19, the flu, cancer, car wrecks, etc., and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The current treatments seem to be working for almost everyone who gets covid 19.

So why are our kids not going to school? Because as a society, we've lost all perspective on reality, mother nature, and how life and death work. People are going to die; we can't prevent it - ever. What we do have control over is our own life and not turning our lives upside down for something we have no control over. If you're in the high-risk category, wear a mask.

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Issaquah, WA

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