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10 Magical Mermaid Statues Around the World

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The Little Mermaid

WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark

Perhaps the most famous mermaid statue is The Little Mermaid in Denmark’s canal happy capital city. Known as a major tourist attraction, this piece, Den Lille Havfrue in Danish, is a national symbol of the Scandi country and was inspired by the mermaid from native son Hans Christen Andersen’s fairy tale. Initially installed in 1913, the statue was a present from brewer Carl Jacobsen, the man behind Carlsberg, who was moved to commission The Little M ... Read more

Serbs give UNESCO the sliv

Let us raise a toast to Serbia for getting a relative Jewy item onto the United Nations’ list of items with “intangible cultural heritage.”

That item is slivovitz, a plum brandy traditionally associated with Passover by many Ashken ... Read more

The best Alaska cruises for every travel style

Cruising to Alaska is a bucket-list worthy vacation, but it’s important to consider your travel style before booking a cruise. Are you a budget-traveler or do you prefer to travel in luxury? Are you traveling with kids? Do you have any itinerary pr ... Read more

New mobile salmon processing platform under development in U

Sitka, Alaska-based Northline Seafoods has launched a new project to build a mobile commercial salmon processing platform, with construction planned to begin at the Port of Bellingham in Washington State in January 2023. Named Hannah, the platform is ... Read more

States that have increased taxes the most in the last four decades – KION546

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States that have increased taxes the most in the last four decades

A person filling out an income tax form.

Depending on where you live in the U.S., your state and local taxes may have shifted over the last year.

The feared decline in American spending at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic never fully materialized as stimulus and pandemic aid programs kept consumers buying and sending sales taxes into state and local government coffers.

Bu ... Read more

Kimmy Fasani, Red Gerard Highlight New Invites for Natural S

Travis Rice and the Natural Selection Tour are on a a roll. Ask any snowboarder in the competitive world (or even skiers) what their favorite contest format in the sport is right now, and most agree: the NST. Rice and the Natural Sel ... Read more

Where Was the Proposal Filmed? What Happens at the End of th

Where Was the Proposal Filmed? What Happens at the End of the Film?

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? “The Proposal” starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullocks was released in 2009. The plot centres on a Canadian boss who asks her assis ... Read more

Planet Alaska: Winter words

We’re keeping a watchful eye on the direction of lava flow from Mauna Loa, and we’re thinking about snow. Winter words, that is. We’re thinking about what phrases and words to use to create a Lingít language immersion outing in the winter.
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